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There aren’t many side hustles you can do without having to declare it to the Tax Man but winnings from gambling ARE exempt and therefore you don’t have to declare them. However I don’t support gambling in the normal sense; other than the occasional ticket on the National Lotteries when it’s a triple rollover – I steer clear of anything that isn’t risk free.

That’s why I REALLY love all the free daily lotteries online. These are sites which utilise adverts to create an income which the owners then takes a small cut from and GIVES AWAY money EVERYDAY to it’s members!

There are a few variations but all work similarly, so here’s a run down of my favourites:

Free Post Code Lottery – Simply register your details including your postcode and then this is what is entered into different draws automatically each day. The Main Draw is to win £250, Survey Draw is to win £150, StackPot is £60 and even a Bonus Draw for when your loyalty cash reaches £5 and this is to win £40.

LuckyPhone – Register your details including any phone numbers you have (you can register more than one as long as you have access to it!) and these are entered into three different draws, Lucky Dip Draw to win £10, The Main Draw to win £20 and The Mega Draw to win up to £1000 (this can get that high is no-one claims their prize a few days in a a row and the pot builds up. At the moment this is MY CURRENT FAVOURITE daily lottery as each day your phone numbers are checked agains the winner’s phone number and depending on how many digits you can match to it you get to collect points. These points are accumulating VERY quickly and when you have 1000 points you can cash it in for £10 Amazon voucher.

Selfie Lottery – Pick a selfie photo of yourself (obviously!) and this is what is entered into the daily draw. Again, with this one, if no-one claims their prize then the prize pot increases. Each day you log in your get an extra 50p added to your Loyalty Bonus (mine has already reached £94) so you get that on top of the Daily Jackpot and any friend’s referal bonus you have.

Ashleigh’s Money Savers’s £50 Daily Draw – Just register on Ashleigh’s site and check it each day to see if your name comes up. £50 given away each day – nice and simple!

Numberplate Lottery – Register for this draw and it’s your number plate used to enter the competition each day. There is only one draw and the cash prize varies (today is £20)

Date of Birth Lotto – Register your details including your date of birth and this is used each day in the draw to win £50 or more (again if the winner doesn’t claim their prize then it rolls over to the next day). They have just started giving you loyalty points for checking the site each day too.

And they really are worth doing! Even if you win, you can keep playing along and win as many times as your details come up!

As long as you log in each day to check if you’ve won, you’ll never miss getting the chance to withdraw your winnings. I’ve created a favourites list on my phone to ensure I check them every morning and it’s just a case of getting into that habit, especially as some of the sites use your daily log in to give you loyalty points which you can cash in for Amazon vouchers like on LuckyPhone or on other sites it will simply increase your winnings by adding more money to your loyalty pot.

Good luck! I hope you win lots of money to top up your income!

Hollie x

Make Money with Free Daily Lotteries
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