Welcome to ThriftyMum!

Launched in 2016 whilst starting maternity leave, Hollie began ThriftyMum which is a growing blog and online community for savvy parents who want to continue a great lifestyle whilst juggling the financial constraints of bringing up children.

If you love great food, quality beauty products, family days out and holidays and generally maintaining the lifestyle you deserve – it doesn’t have to come at a cost. Watching the pennies where it matters so you can splurge on the fun things is the balance that ThriftyMum is all about.

You’ll feel right at home here with top tips on buying quality over quantity thus saving money in the process, little hacks to simplify your life and tried and tested side hustles to make that extra bit of money so you don’t have to compromise your lifestyle.

Over on the social media side you will find fun chats where we discuss the joys of becoming a new parent and this is where most of the snap up offers/deals/discounts are shared.

Inspired by the reduction in salary that comes with the joys of maternity leave, Hollie began to share the deals, discounts and freebies she came across with other expectant mums in various Facebook groups. Being told she had a talent for spotting a bargain she started the blog ThriftyMum and this has since evolved to include reviews of items which make being a parent an easier ride.

Hollie is mum to James and Ted.

Now come over onto social media to say hello ? You can catch up with ThriftyMum here on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.