What Is Plevin and How Does It Affect my PPI Claim?


It’s now just over a year until the PPI deadline. If you haven’t heard about it, where have you been? Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robotic head can be seen on TV adverts and billboards shouting at people to “do it now!” — he means make a decision about whether you want to make a claim.   We’ve […]

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10 Things To Do If You’re Going To Be Homeless


According to statistics by UK charity Shelter, one in three families are only one month’s pay check away from being made homeless. However, there are a million reasons why you could be made homeless. Even if it is only for a temporary period, spending can spiral and your finances can be significantly impacted without a […]

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Get Beach Body Confident On A Budget With Debenhams

I’m not going to lie, this post took a lot of guts (and sit ups). However, Debenhams kindly invited me to check out their range of this season’s swimwear and I didn’t think too much about it. That was until I had to take photos of myself wearing the swimwear…. Why didn’t it occur to […]

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Your Next Family Trip Without Spending Your Life Savings

Going away with your family can be one of the most amazing experiences you can have together, especially if your kids are young. You might be thinking ‘one day’, but let’s face it, your kids aren’t going to be young forever, and they’re certainly not going to want to go on vacations with you when […]

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Stop Getting Spendy: Three Areas to Cut Back on Financially

Managing money can be tough, regardless of what we earn most of us can feel the pinch now and again. ‘Too much month at the end of your money’ is common, and special occasions like Christmas and summer holidays can leave us catching up for weeks or months after. It’s important to be smart with […]

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