Children’s Activities

How having a printer can help your kids learn

Every parent wants their child to have the best chance at learning, but knowing how to support their school work at home isn’t always easy. Something you might not have realised is how much having a printer at home can support their lessons and homework. While most homes will have a computer, laptop or other […] Read more…

AD Epson ReadPrint Ink Subscription – A Kid Craft Essential

epson ink subscription

I was so excited when Epson got in touch in time for lockdown 3.0 to ask me to get involved in their #ReadyPrint Campaign. I just knew that with the shorter days, rubbish weather and slightly more limited budget after Christmas, I would be indoors so much more with the children and spending our time […] Read more…

How to help kids bond with their grandparents

create your own kindness

Create Your Own Kindness is a brand new activity book by Becky Goddard-Hill for children age 6-12. It contains 50 kindness activities teaching children how to be kind to themselves, other people and to the world. In this activity from the book Becky shares with us how to help kids be kinder to their grandparents […] Read more…