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How to help kids bond with their grandparents

create your own kindness

Create Your Own Kindness is a brand new activity book by Becky Goddard-Hill for children age 6-12. It contains 50 kindness activities teaching children how to be kind to themselves, other people and to the world. In this activity from the book Becky shares with us how to help kids be kinder to their grandparents […] Read more…

Daydream Education launches free educational resources


If you’re anything like me, the dread has already set in about home learning resuming after the half-term break. However, Wales-based educational resources provider Daydream Education has made a selection of its downloadable study tools available for FREE to support home education during lockdown. It has also issued a set of tips to help parents […] Read more…

RIP Captain Sir Tom Moore Poster

The sad news that Captain Tom has passed away this week has hit many of us hard. It’s difficult to imagine a more lived life though. To reach 100 years old and suddenly inspire a nation to raise more than £33 million for the NHS is astounding. To help children digest the news, a guy […] Read more…