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Our Celebrity Family YouTube Schedule FREE PDF Download

celebrity family youtube schedule

It’s been great to see celebrities embracing live social media broadcasting during lockdown. Especially for parents trying to work from home, some screen time has become essential to be able to get anything done! Anything to distract the little ones is useful but even better if it is going to keep them active or be […] Read more…

How To Create A Homeschooling Daily Schedule

homeschooling schedule

Whether you’re an Excel whizkid or prefer felt-tips to create a poster, there’s lots of ways to make a daily schedule to plan your days in isolation with kids. I’ve added a few of my favourites examples below to show how simply you can keep it! Setting time aside to connect with older or vulnerable […] Read more…

12 Amazing Websites for FREE Kids Online Maths Resources

free online maths resources

DoxDirect – Download here completely free. Topmarks – Lods of fun interactive maths games to play and learn from.Prima Primary Stars Education – free downloadable online learning packs – Year 1 click here and Year 2 click here. Maths with Parents – What will you get? • Free videos and activities for topics across the […] Read more…