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AD Find the best homeschooling inspiration on Design Bundles

design bundles

We are in full swing here at ThriftyMum headquarters trying to survive lockdown with two little boys. When the news landed last week, I was actually quite excited about doing the whole “homeschooling” thing. Last spring, the boys hadn’t started primary school yet so with nurseries closed, I just had to keep them entertained and […] Read more…

AD Bunny And The Bell Slumber Party Review

Bunny and the bell slumber party

This is a gifted experience in exchange for an honest review. As the nights have started to draw in, more local lockdowns introduced and the weather becoming wetter, I’ve started to think about how we can learn more from the Scandinavians and embrace this season. That sense of cosiness feels essential now so we can […] Read more…

Cloud Watching For Calmer Kids

cloud watching for calmer kids

This is an extract from Create Your own Calm – an activity book for 6-12 years olds written by Becky Goddard-Hill and published this week by Harper Collins. The book contains 50 activities, all backed by science, to support kids with their big feelings and develop ways they can help themselves to feel calmer. Cloud […] Read more…

14 Budget Ways To Keep Kids Cool During Hot Nights

keep kids cool at night

There’s nothing worse than a muggy night for sweaty kids that just won’t settle! I for one would LOVE to buy a fancy bladeless Dyson fan but that is definitely out of my budget for now! So I’ve pulled together some of the best budget suggestions to keep kids cool during hot nights. Put a […] Read more…