Children’s Activities

How To Make Home Made Bath Bombs With Kids

homemade bath bombs

We love bath bombs in our house but they are just far too expensive to be buying and using for every bath time! This week we were gifted a Bath Bomb Factory to try out making our very own bath bombs. The box suggests the kit is suitable for ages 6+. The instructions were super […] Read more…

5 Best Places To Pick Your Own Pumpkin In Yorkshire

pick your own pumpkin yorkshire

The air is cooler and the nights are slowly starting to draw in. I love this time of year and getting all autumnal. So here’s my list of the best places to go pick your own pumpkin in Yorkshire. Then you’ll have plenty of time to get carving your pumpkins in time for Hallowe’en! Scalby […] Read more…

How To Do Bat Watching With Kids

bat watching with kids

There are just some nights where you know the kids aren’t going to go to bed on time, so why not try a bit of bat watching instead? Last week one of the kids asked me if bats were real. My response was whaaaat?? But that little person said, “well, I’ve never seen one!” Which […] Read more…

6 Places to Find Free & Discounted LEGO

free & discounted LEGO

LEGO is a great gift. It’s not cheap if you’re buying new though. So here’s some places you can find free & discounted LEGO. 1. LEGO Rental Club If you or your child is obsessed with LEGO then you’ll love this idea. For a monthly subscription of £12.99, you can choose from 150 different LEGO […] Read more…