Making Money

Mystery Shopping with…Ragdoll

mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is one of my main extra income streams. Often these jobs only entitle you to a free meal or product. However if you’re looking to earn extra cold hard cash then Ragdoll is the one to get signed up to. What is Ragdoll? Ragdoll are a small research and planning agency. They look […] Read more…

Free Monthly Christmas Savings Calendar – July 2017

christmas savings challenge

We’re already half way through the year! That means you might be already thinking about how you’re going to afford this year’s Christmas. It doesn’t need to be stressful. Every penny adds up. If you start now then you’ll make things easier on yourself. That’s why I have created a Christmas Savings Calendar. We can […] Read more…

How to Have a Champagne Lifestyle on a Lemonade Budget

Occasionally I get a raised eyebrow from my Dad and he just can’t help himself and exclaims, “That’s not very thrifty!” This tends to be when I’ve booked a weekend away for Rich and I, or upgraded my computer to a Mac, or even when I’ve treated us all to a Pizza Express meal. It […] Read more…