Making Money

Easy Ways to Earn Money From Home

work from home

I know everyone that is reading this at the moment has probably thought: “How can I make money from the comfort of my home?” And trust me I know how you feel. I’ve been there and I am always searching for new creative ways to make money while still being at my own house. After […] Read more…

Mind The Gender Pay Gap? Then Close It Yourself!

pay increase

This week is International Women’s Day so I’ve joined up with lots of other brilliant female money bloggers to bring you posts specifically about money issues for women. Mine is all about the gender pay gap and how you can ask for a pay increase. Of course pay gaps doesn’t just exist in relation to […] Read more…

How To Prepare For Interview Whilst On Maternity Leave

preparing for interview whilst on maternity leave

For a lot of women, maternity leave gives the opportunity to reflect on their work life balance and having children can really put things into perspective. Suddenly the thought of being away from your babies has to feel really worth it so needs to be for a job which offers a lot of job satisfaction. […] Read more…