Making Money

The Way Successful People Think About Money

successful people

There are no get rich quick schemes that are going to work. Nor are you very likely to strike it rich based on pure luck. The simple difference between successful people and struggling people is the mindset and how they apply it to cope with their individual circumstances. Providing you’re not facing a crisis that […] Read more…

I’m Going to Blog On Ice Breaker Linky

blog on ice breaker

On Sunday I will be travelling across the M62 to Manchester to attend the Blog On MSI 2017 conference where I will be attending lots of talks about different aspects of blogging, meeting loads of brands and catching up with my lovely blogger friends who I haven’t seen for ages. So that people get to know […] Read more…

Buy High, Sell Low? Making Way For New Household Items

buy high sell low

It’s a very easy habit to get into, getting loads of items you have no room for and before you know it, you have an attic full of stuff you haven’t worn in years, just collecting dust. We seem to buy something because it’s a bargain, but when we actually spot a bargain, we can’t […] Read more…