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Simple Ways To Make Money Off Your Home

house hacking

Buying your home is likely to be one of the most if not the most significant financial investments anyone can have. However, homeowners will also admit that housing costs can be pretty expensive, ranging from maintenance to mortgage payments. In fact, for most of us, a mortgage payment is likely to take the biggest chunk […] Read more…

Cut The Cost Of Your Holiday With Free Petsitting

cut the cost of your holiday

It’s that time of year when I start yearning for a warm break away but it can be hard to justify the expense, especially when I start adding the cost of dog kennels for Lola to the total! However this week I’ve come across an award winning site which might just have the answer. Find […] Read more…

Rent Out Your Life and Make Thousands

rent out your life

This week my garden strimmer broke ­čÖü My lawn mower is pretty knackered too. I was going to buy a new one and then it got me thinking. Every┬áhouse down my street probably has a mower and a strimmer. That’s over 100 duplicate items all within two minutes walking distance. That is actually insane! Then […] Read more…