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13 Non-Pay Benefits To Ask About At Interview

I’m sick of seeing so many job adverts where I know I could do the job but they say “Salary Competitive”. This is not a salary! Job applications require time, effort, research, travel to interviews, a new outfit, emotional investment. To not even know what might be offered is absurd. But would you feel confident […] Read more…

Grandparents Get £250 A Year For Offering Childcare

grandparents childcare

Do your parents help with childcare so you can go out to work? If so, then make sure they’re not one of the tens of thousands of grandparents missing out on a benefit to ensure they’re not short changed. What is it? Introduced in April 2011, the Specified Adult Childcare National Insurance Credits is aimed mostly […] Read more…

£7.50 Sainsbury’s Summer Holiday Childcare

Sainsbury's summer holiday childcare

Sainsbury’s have launched an incredible summer holiday activity club for 2019 for only £7.50 a day with lunch included! Who is eligible? Your child or children need to be aged between 5 years and 15 years old. What times does it cover? The Active Days run from 8am – 4pm. Not entirely perfect childcare hours […] Read more…