My Lipoedema Journey

Lipoedema Surgery Day

lipoedema surgery

It’s actually taken a month for me to write this post about my Lipoedema surgery. There’s a number of reasons for this. Firstly, I don’t actually own a laptop and I was on bed rest for the first ten days after my operation. This limited me to working from my phone initially. Then I thought of […]

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Preparing for Lipoedema Surgery

preparing for Lipoedema surgery

I can’t believe tomorrow is the big day and now I’m preparing for Lipoedema surgery. It feels like only five minutes since booking the operation with Mr Karri! The Support I’ve been chatting to lots of other ladies who also suffer from this horrendous disease and the support has been wonderful. There are ladies who have gone […]

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Lipoedema Consultation Day

lipoedema consultation day

Since booking my Lipoedema consultation, the reality has started to set in. Rather than be nervous about the surgery I’ve started to feel a bit overwhelmed at the thought of being overwhelmed afterwards. I know that might sound strange, but anxiety is a strange being. The Things I’ve Missed Out On As soon as I […]

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