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It’s the Final Countdown to the PPI Claims Deadline

When first announced, the PPI claims deadline on 29th August 2019 seemed like a long way off. But, with just months remaining until the big day, individuals should act soon if they haven’t yet identified and claimed PPI. The whole claiming process can take a few months to organise, so, the sooner you start your […] Read more…

Tips On Repaying Your Mortgage

home sale sign

  Buying your very first home is an exciting prospect for anyone, and when all the fees have been paid, you then face the challenge of making your home loan monthly repayments. For some people, at some point, the mortgage repayments can be a challenge to meet every month, and with that in mind, here […] Read more…

9 Essential Posts To Read If You Want To Start Investing

start investing

It’s a new financial year! This year I’m determined to make my money work harder for me. So I’m going to learn about investing. I would love you to join me on this journey. Where and how to start to invest is the first port of call. So here’s a round up of the most […] Read more…