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How To Get Started With The Cash Envelope System

get started with cash envelopes

The cash envelope system isn’t new but has been evangelised by American radio host Dave Ramsey and is very closely associated with his debt management techniques. With a just a scroll through social media, you’ll quickly see how effective this method of simply dividing up your monthly budget into categories and putting the cash in […] Read more…

How Much Do You Need In Your Emergency Fund?

emergency fund

This month I thought our boiler had packed in. I immediately wondered how we would be paying for a repair?! Currently we don’t have boiler insurance and we can’t dip into house savings as this is protected so we’re able to move house once we’ve sold up. This got me thinking about how much you […] Read more…

Protect Your Child Maintenance With Life Insurance On Your Ex

life insurance on your ex

According to the Department of Works and Pensions, the number of arrangements using the Child Maintenance Service to pay Child Maintenance in Great Britain has increased from 463,300 in December 2018 to 475,400 in March 2019.  The Child Maintenance Service is for separated parents who can’t arrange child maintenance between themselves. The Child Maintenance Service […] Read more…

Negotiating Rates With The Tooth Fairy

tooth fairy

Slightly unexpectedly we became in need of a visit from the tooth fairy tonight so urgently needed to do some crowd sourcing of the going rate for the tooth fairy. It seems there’s quite a variety of financial arrangements depending on postcode and family size. Also sometimes the tooth fairy only has certain coins with […] Read more…