Days Out

7 Reasons Ikea At Sheffield Is A Great Day Out For Parents

Ikea at Sheffield is a great halfway meeting point for us and some family so we decided to get together there this weekend for some fika (Swedish for a coffee and cake break). Although we didn’t take any kids with us this time, I couldn’t help notice what an amazing place it is for a […] Read more…

Ugly Ducking at Hull Truck

hull truck theatre

This week I had the pleasure of taking James to Hull Truck Theatre to see Ugly Duckling. I wasn’t sure what to expect, after all James is only just 3 years old. Would he pay attention and sit for the duration? Too dark in the auditorium? Would he need a million toilet trips during the […] Read more…

Hornsea Garden Centre

Hornsea garden centre

A staple feature of maternity leave for me was frequenting my local garden centres. They have everything! Play areas, animals, hot drinks and tasty homemade food made from local produce. Being skint again, I decided to go back to what I know best which is finding a free day out for the family so we […] Read more…