Abandoned Medieval Village of Wharram Percy near Malton

Abandoned Medieval Village of Wharram Percy near Malton

Snuggled in a remote valley in the middle of the Yorkshire Wolds, is the beautiful abandoned medieval village of Wharram Percy. WHAT IS IT? Wharram Percy is one of the largest and best-preserved of Britain’s 3,000 or so known deserted medieval villages. The village was continuously occupied for six centuries before it was abandoned soon […] Read more…

4 Reasons to Visit Hadrian’s Wall

reasons to visit hadrian's wall

Before having the boys, I was really fortunate to spend a lot of time in Northumberland, so thought I’d share some places I loved in case you’re up there any time soon! Marking the farthest reaches of the Roman Empire, Hadrian’s Wall is one of the UK’s most impressive ancient monuments. Originally spanning the 73-mile […] Read more…

Enchanted Woodland Fairy Walk in North Ferriby

Enchanted Woodland Fairy Walk North Ferriby

Tucked between the River Humber and the village of North Ferriby is a magical little place guaranteed to excite the little ones. WHAT IS IT? Back in 2017, the “High Five Lifestyle Group” raised funds and spent the summer holidays working on creating an area for children to enjoy. They created the Enchanted Woods in […] Read more…

Loglands Nature Trail and Picnic Area in Sutton

Loglands Nature Trail Sutton

Hidden away behind Sutton Golf Course is a fantastic gem called Loglands Nature Trail. I promise it is a beautiful place compared to the burned-out, “cold war” army camp-style signage! WHAT IS IT? Located next to Eastmount Playing Fields, the site is home to a large picnic area, wet meadows, and woodland. It’s perfect for […] Read more…