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Cooplands Bakery Essentials Ration Box Review

copulands essentials ration box

It’s not just the supermarkets getting in on the ration box action! Regional bakery Cooplands have created their own too. Here’s the low down. Cooplands Bakery Price: The boxes contain 25 items for £35 and FREE delivery. Contents: 1 Small sliced loaf white 2 Large onions 6 Scotch rolls Potatoes (approx. 6) Milk semi 4 […] Read more…

Morrisons Essentials Ration Box Review

morrisons essential ration box

Another supermarket has released their ration box full of “essential items” so here’s what I think! Morrisons Price: The boxes contain food products worth around £30, and you’ll then pay £5 for delivery. Contents: Canned baked beans, Soup Pasta sauce Milk Butter Cheese Bread Rice Pasta Meat products, such as sausage, bacon and cooked meat […] Read more…

Marks and Spencer Essentials Ration Box Review

marks and spencer essentials ration box

Lots of large stores are now creating ration boxes full of “essential items” for a flat fee and Mark’s and Spencer have released theirs. Here’s what I think! Marks and Spencer Price: You can choose between two different boxes – a vegetarian one priced at £30 and one containing meat and fish which is an […] Read more…

Which Family Cleaning Products To Buy In Bulk

cleaning products buy in bulk spray

This is quite likely one of the weirdest times we will ever experience. There are people preaching about not panic-buying and others are anxious about how they will cope if struck with Coronavirus and can’t get to the shops for weeks. Now that the supermarkets are genuinely running out and rationing remaining stock, the preppers […] Read more…