Saving Money

Mystery Shopping with The Mystery Dining Company

mystery dining company

There are few things in the world that I love more than these two small words “free food.” And that’s exactly what I get with mystery dining with The Mystery Dining Company. How much will it save? Like most people, once we’ve paid our mortgage bill, the grocery expenses are next in line for where the money […] Read more…

How To Eat For Free With The Olio App

eat for free with olio

Olio is a mobile phone app which connects you to neighbours and local business who have left over food they don’t want to waste. This is why you can eat for free with the Olio app. How do I get it? Olio can be downloaded from the Apple and Google stores straight to your phone. What’s […] Read more…

How Much Do You Need In Your Emergency Fund?

emergency fund

This month I thought our boiler had packed in. I immediately wondered how we would be paying for a repair?! Currently we don’t have boiler insurance and we can’t dip into house savings as this is protected so we’re able to move house once we’ve sold up. This got me thinking about how much you […] Read more…

13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Second Hand

reasons you should buy second hand

I really feel like there continues to be a stigma about charity shop clothing. I still hear people use the line “they’re dead people’s clothes!” And whilst there may be an element of truth on occasion, because yeah, you might choose to have a clear out and donate to a charity shop after someone has […] Read more…