Saving Money

5 Money Saving Lessons From Postman Pat

money saving lessons from postman pat

Money Saving Lessons from Postman Pat is the second post in a new series of Money Saving lessons from popular TV shows. You can catch up with the first in my series here. Money Saving Lessons from Postman Pat on Tax Relief Postman Pat can be spotted a mile off due to his dapper Royal Mail uniform […] Read more…

6 Top Tips To Save Money This Easter

Save Money This Easter

Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs To Save Money This Easter At Easter, children love eating Easter eggs, but they love making them even more.  While it may seem daunting to make your own Easter eggs, it is not actually as difficult as you think.  All you need are some molding templates. These can be purchased online […] Read more…

Five Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas

non-chocolate easter gift ideas

I’ve pulled together five quick and easy non-chocolate easter gift ideas from one mama to another. James had a chocolate egg this week. Never again! He was completely bouncing off the walls!!! So hang up that over-flowing easter basket and check out these non-chocolate alternatives. I love the whole range of “That’s not my…” books but […] Read more…