Saving Money

Looking After Your Family’s Financial Future

financial future

Money is one of the biggest headaches for most families. We all need it to survive. But when you’re financially responsible not only for yourself but your children and possibly your partner then money becomes a sensitive subject. Perhaps you’re wealthy, or perhaps you’re not. Whatever the case, looking after your family’s financial future is […] Read more…

What to Do When You’re Living a Life You Can’t Afford

We’ve all been in that situation before. You realised you’re living a life you can’t afford and we turn to our money issues and take them seriously. We try to reduce our debt, we try to reduce our utility costs and we do our best to cut down on luxury expenses. However, it can be […] Read more…

6 Ways to Eat Pizza Express for Less

pizza express for less

When it comes to treat/cheat day, in the ThriftyHouse we love pizza so I’ve put together a list of how we enjoy Pizza Express for less. Pizza Express makes a regular appearance on the O2 Priorities app. They frequently offer a main course for only £5 (normal prices are around twice this price). Pizza Express […] Read more…