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Zero Waste Week: 5 Ways to Reduce Food Waste and Save Money

reduce food waste

So What is Zero Waste Week? It’s an annual awareness campaign which encourages you to throw less stuff away. Have you ever even thought where “away” actually is? Well, it’s either a landfill site where things hang around for hundreds of years, possibly causing toxic pollution. Or “away” is an incinerator or bottom of the […] Read more…

How Hygge Saves Our Family Money


However hard you try at anything, you often find yourself plateau. Whether it is losing weight, keeping fit or saving money. For some people this can send you straight back to square one if you’re not seeing any progress. That’s when I like to look at other cultures for inspiration to keep me motivated. When […] Read more…

5 Things To Do Now To Make Your Christmas Even More Magical

There’s nothing worse than panic buying and purchasing presents for the sake of it to make your Christmas feel like a chore rather than the magical experience it should be. That’s why I like to be prepared early so I can sit back and enjoy the festive season once it arrives. So here’s my little […] Read more…