Saving Money

6 Ways to Eat Pizza Express for Less

pizza express for less

When it comes to treat/cheat day, in the ThriftyHouse we love pizza so I’ve put together a list of how we enjoy Pizza Express for less. Pizza Express makes a regular appearance on the O2 Priorities app. They frequently offer a main course for only £5 (normal prices are around twice this price). Pizza Express […] Read more…

Keeping Food Bills Low With a Fussy Eater

Keeping food bills low with a fussy eater

I’m very happy to host a guest post by the lovely Hannah Brice of Meal planning is a valuable tool in keeping your food bills low with a fussy eater. Provided you have a long list of recipes using cheap and similar ingredients, your family will have satisfied tummies all week long and your bank […] Read more…

6 Money Saving Tips for Reducing Your Bills

6 money saving tips

Every year we needlessly spend our money on things we’re able to change. We get into a rut of paying things by direct debit and rarely question how much we’re paying and why. Yes, it can be time consuming to investigate and compare different prices and its often time we haven’t got. However, if you’re […] Read more…