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Thrifty Shades of Grey: How to get Sexy on a Shoestring

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Here’s my little list of how to get sexy on a shoestring with my guide: “Thrifty Shades of Grey” because even if as parents you only make an effort for some alone time on special occasions, Valentines Day is a great time to rekindle how you felt before the kids came along. Don’t panic though, it doesn’t […] Read more…

Setting Financial Goals for 2017

setting financial goals for 2017

Setting financial goals for the new year seems to be a recurring theme for most families when it comes to the beginning of January. This is often after a sharp in take of breath when noticing that you’re already in your overdraft and I’m afraid to say that this was exactly what I did last […] Read more…

Countdown to Christmas: The Christmas Tags

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The beautiful Fee over at tagged me in the #Christmastag challenge so here we go. Challenge accepted. Let’s talk Christmas folks! What’s your favourite Christmas movie? My ultimate favourite is The Holiday but for entirely selfish reasons – I want to watch it alone, with wine and chocolate and curl up and be allowed to fall […] Read more…

Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Movies and Giveaway

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You simply can’t have a Countdown to Christmas without mentioning the hundreds of Christmas movies we’re all likely to watch on the run up to the big day! I love to start early with Love Actually. It’s not actually my favourite Christmas movie but I feel like its a good one to pave the way […] Read more…