Saving Money

How To Host A Remote Secret Santa

remote secret santa

Secret Santas are a brilliant way to save money if you’re on a tighter budget this Christmas. By pooling everyone together, you only have to buy one gift instead of many! But with more teams working from home there’s no chance of dipping your hands into the office hat to pull out a name this […] Read more…

40 Gifts To Save Your Friends and Family Money

gifts that save money

If you want to be really thoughtful this Christmas, buy gifts to save your friends and family money all year round. Here’s my list to get you thinking… 1.Money box I love a traditional money box as a great way for people to start saving but I prefer ones you can see into. Being able […] Read more…

ThriftyMum And Park Christmas Savings Partnership

ThriftyMum and Park Christmas Savings

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that anything can happen! But by having an emergency fund, some Christmas savings, and more than one income stream are what’s kept me afloat and given me the peace of mind I’ve needed during the pandemic. I know that many of you are worried about how you’re going […] Read more…

How To Make A Festive Foraged Wreath

foraged festive wreath

In previous years I’ve really loved going to classes to make a Christmas wreath. Such a lovely festive atmosphere, with mulled wine and a bit of Michael Buble playing in the background. It is always a nice break away from parenting on the run-up to the big day when you can just be creative with […] Read more…