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Countdown to Christmas: The Christmas Tags

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The beautiful Fee over at tagged me in the #Christmastag challenge so here we go. Challenge accepted. Let’s talk Christmas folks! What’s your favourite Christmas movie? My ultimate favourite is The Holiday but for entirely selfish reasons – I want to watch it alone, with wine and chocolate and curl up and be allowed to fall […] Read more…

Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Movies and Giveaway

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You simply can’t have a Countdown to Christmas without mentioning the hundreds of Christmas movies we’re all likely to watch on the run up to the big day! I love to start early with Love Actually. It’s not actually my favourite Christmas movie but I feel like its a good one to pave the way […] Read more…

Countdown to Christmas: Floral Wreath

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There really is nothing more festive in December than being welcomed into a candle lit home with a luscious green wreath hanging on the door. There are many different types of wreath but whether its fresh or fake nothing tells your friends and neighbours you’re embracing the season better than hanging a wreath proudly on your […] Read more…

Countdown to Christmas: Free Letter From Santa

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In my Countdown to Christmas series I have shared many ways to make Christmas magical for free or in a thrifty way and a free letter from Santa is a great way to excite your children. Annually the Royal Mail provide an address to write to Santa but it must be posted by 9th December for […] Read more…