Saving Money

5 Common Surprise Costs & How To Handle Them – Choose Wisely

5 common surprise expenses

Although you may be managing your monthly budget carefully and living within your means, there’s always a chance that an unexpected bill could suddenly crop up. With no wiggle room in your budget, no savings and potentially less-than-perfect credit, you may feel overwhelmed. However, being prepared with a plan will ensure that you won’t stumble […] Read more…

How A Wall Mural Can Save And MAKE You Money

Do you ever look at your mobile and despair at how many photos you’ve taken, just for them to sit there on your Cloud? Doing nothing with your snaps or worse, pay for extra storage for them to just sit there, isn’t something you want to do. Of course, printing pictures to make photobooks and […] Read more…

Cut The Cost Of Your Holiday With Free Petsitting

cut the cost of your holiday

It’s that time of year when I start yearning for a warm break away but it can be hard to justify the expense, especially when I start adding the cost of dog kennels for Lola to the total! However this week I’ve come across an award winning site which might just have the answer. Find […] Read more…