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Saving Money With Approved Food and MASSIVE Giveaway

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We’ve been looking at our food budget recently and realising that although we’ve figured out meal planning, snacks have become our financial enemy! Whether its a snack for me at the office or kid snacks for the weekend. All these little spends are adding up! I wonder if we could save money with Approved Food..? […] Read more…

50 retailers that give you a discount for signing up

We all love striking a bargain every now and again right? Lots of stores make it easy to save money simply by signing up – and those are our favourite kinds of retailers! Online money-saving platform Savoo loves helping thrifty shoppers like you, which is why we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled […] Read more…

6 Top Tips To Save Money This Easter

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Make Your Own Chocolate Eggs To Save Money This Easter At Easter, children love eating Easter eggs, but they love making them even more.  While it may seem daunting to make your own Easter eggs, it is not actually as difficult as you think.  All you need are some molding templates. These can be purchased online […] Read more…