I was so excited when Epson got in touch in time for lockdown 3.0 to ask me to get involved in their #ReadyPrint Campaign. I just knew that with the shorter days, rubbish weather and slightly more limited budget after Christmas, I would be indoors so much more with the children and spending our time crafting and making. Then, as we all know, Boris closed the schools and home-learning was back on the cards.

epson ink subscription

Since the boys only just started school in September, this was my first proper go at home-learning. The panic set in and I was downloading a million worksheets a minute to make sure I had enough activities to keep us all occupied!

After junk modeling using the rubbish from our recycle bin, paper and printing crafts are the next cheapest activity you can get the kids involved with so it was time for us to get stuck in with the #ReadyPrint challenge!

Epson’s ReadyPrint Subscription Service

Epson is a leader in smart, eco-friendly printing technology and now they also have Epson’s ReadyPrint Subscription Service. This offers the convenience of having new ink delivered straight to your door as soon as it’s needed. It also brings savings of up to 90% on print costs and 70% on ink costs. So naturally, as a ThriftyMum, my interest was piqued!

epson ink subscription

With lockdown and many non-essential shops closed, getting anything delivered is so much easier, more convenient and most importantly safer too! When I thought about the many subscriptions I already have, the main reason I’ve signed up is convenience rather than savings so with Epson’s Ready Print subscription, the financial savings were an added bonus!

Home-learning plus working from home = printer is go go go!

We have all had to adapt to homeschooling this last year in some form or another but this time around it feels like there’s much more expectation to making working from home at the same time work. This has meant the reliance and pressure on home printers has never been greater too.

The Epson ReadyPrint Subscription Service helps customers save money and gives you the peace of mind that ink will be delivered straight to your home, before it runs out: no trips to the shop, no need to remember to order, no waiting for ink to arrive.


8 reasons why an Epson printer and the ReadyPrint Service are the future of printing:

  1. Convenience: once you’ve signed up, you don’t need to do anything. The printer recognises when ink is running low and orders and delivers it for you.
  2. Stress-free: no more worries about running out at the crucial moment – the ink arrives at your door just before you need it.
  3. Affordable: there aren’t any big costs (30 pages per month for £1.29 or 100 pages for £3.49). Pay monthly and you can save up to 70%.
  4. No printer, no problem: some packages come with the use of a printer included – as well as the ink.
  5. Compatibility: no more worrying about whether the cartridge will be compatible.
  6. Flexible: you can change the plan or even unsubscribe whenever you want.
  7. High quality: it’s always genuine ink.
  8. Good in lockdown: doing more printing than ever and need the ink? We’ve got it.

Epson’s Kids Corner

Epson’s Kids Corner page is perfect for those moments as a parent where you just need some outside inspiration. It features lots of printable, creative activities, including tips and tricks, videos, blogs and downloads such as activity sheets and colouring books.

I really loved the simple instructions and its not just full of colouring-in sheets either! It was great to get the boys to make some 3D creations too! Seen as its spring we thought we would make some lovely little pinwheels to decorate our spring vases in the house and enjoy playing with in the blustery weather we’re having outside.

The first thing we did was print out some gorgeous patterns using our Epson printer.

homemade pinwheel ink subscriptionI then followed the instructions on the Epson Creative app in the Kids Corner on how to instruct the kids to create the pin wheels.

homemade pinwheel ink subscription

The instructions were really clear with loads of diagrams and step-by-step bullet points so nice and easy for the boys to look at.

homemade pinwheel ink subscription

It can be too easy some times to avoid papercrafts with the kids just because they’ll lose interest quickly but every craft we have done from the Kids Corner in the Epson Creative app has looked like the final item really quickly and I’ve found this has kept the boys interested and motivated.

homemade pinwheel ink subscription

Adding paper windmills to vases around the house has been a lovely little way to brighten up rooms on a budget. The boys were so proud of their creations and want to gift them to our neighbours bless them!

What I really love is that we can make, make and make and I don’t have to worry about not having enough ink to print off an important presentation or invoice because my Epson ink subscription has my back and the ink will be at my door before I need it.

So whether you print a little or a lot, full colour photos or simple black and white documents, Epson has a plan to suit your needs.

Disclosure – this is sponsored content.