keep kids cool at nightThere’s nothing worse than a muggy night for sweaty kids that just won’t settle! I for one would LOVE to buy a fancy bladeless Dyson fan but that is definitely out of my budget for now! So I’ve pulled together some of the best budget suggestions to keep kids cool during hot nights.

  1. Put a bowl of ice in front of a fan
  2. Open windows that are in the shade at either end of the house to create a draught
  3. Freeze a hot water bottle and add this between the sheets before bedtime
  4. Keep blinds closed, preferably blackout blinds to prevent the heat from getting in, to begin with
  5. Dress little ones in thin layers if anything. During really hot weather a nappy will suffice if they’re of that age.
  6. Hang a wet towel from the window to absorb the heat
  7. Open your loft hatch if you have one, to allow the air to circulate and heat escape through the roof
  8. Pop kids pillowcases in the freezer before bedtime
  9. Use a fine spray mist bottle and spray bedding with cold water before getting in
  10. Hang a wet muslin cloth over a fan as it blows
  11. Make sure all bedding is 100% cotton to keep the sweat away from skin
  12. Run a cool bath (not cold) before bedtime to cool down their body temperatures
  13. Camp out downstairs or in the garden where the air is cooler
  14. Clip a buggy fan to the edge of a cot or headboard

If you are prepared to splash out a little then, I’ve spotted this bargain-priced desktop air cooler on Groupon.

keep kids cool hot nights air cooler

Or go all in and get your home its own air conditioning unit from Groupon too.

keep kids cool hot nights air conditioning unit

Of course, if you have any serious concerns about your little one’s temperature, follow National Health Service Guidelines. For great advice on baby sleeping temperatures, check out this video by the Lullaby Trust.

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