Every parent wants their child to have the best chance at learning, but knowing how to support their school work at home isn’t always easy. Something you might not have realised is how much having a printer at home can support their lessons and homework. While most homes will have a computer, laptop or other device that connects to the internet, many families are no longer investing in printers. This makes sense from certain perspectives. After all, if everything is online, why do you need hard copies of information?


This blog will go through some of the ways that a printer could help to support your child’s educational development. If you do end up investing in a printer, make sure you get the right ink for the job, such as hp301xl compatible cartridges.

Improved focus

If your child has articles or worksheets to complete on the computer then printing them off can help them focus. Depending on where the computer is in your home, they might get distracted by people walking past and talking. Not to mention that computers offer a lot of distractions and your child can easily start playing games or watching cartoons when their attention wanders. By printing out their tasks, they can settle into a quiet corner at their desk and get the work done.

Interactive learning

Lots of kids learn by doing, and while certain computer programmes allow them to do this, scribbling on a sheet of paper can have the same effect. If your little one is struggling with certain words, it’s easy to circle or highlight them and come back to them later. They can also make notes in the margins and draw diagrams if they need to. What’s more, children will be able to practise physically writing, which will help them to have a deeper connection with letters while also improving their handwriting.

Create displays

Some types of learning don’t happen overnight, like learning times tables and the alphabet. It can really help children to have these printed out and stuck to their bedroom walls so they can look at them when they need to. Join in with them and make up games you can play to help them remember sounds and numbers. It’s easy to fit these in around getting dressed in the morning or going to bed at night. Your kids won’t even see it as work anymore – they’ll genuinely enjoy having fun with you.


Allowing kids to be creative is crucial for their development and a printer can be used for all kinds of crafts. Even something as simple as colouring sheets can allow kids to have a better understanding of colours while developing their motor skills. Your children will be able to pick and choose the kinds of crafts they want to do and you’ll be saving a lot of money on expensive kits and books from the shops.

All children like to learn differently, but a printer can suit all types of learners in lots of ways.