365 days of calm is a brand-new colourful pocket-sized book by psychotheprist Becky Goddard-Hill.

It is the perfect size to stuff in a stocking or give as a birthday gift and has something to offer a child in the way of inspiration every single day of the year.

It’s been published this week along with 365 days of Happy and 365 days of Kind. These powerful little books are jam-packed with ways to motivate and encourage 6-12 year olds develop a healthy growth mindset.

Each week is themed and starts with an activity and is followed by the quotes and daily affirmations related to the theme Kids are encouraged to practice their affirmations out loud and talk about and reflect on the quotes – over breakfast is a great time and perhaps they would even like to chat these over on the way to school?

These books are an accessible way to introduce positive emotional health practices to kids–bite size chunks that will seem fun and light and not be overwhelming



Today we are going to look at the week themed around courage and what is included so you can see a sample of a week from this book

Helping children step confidently up to challenges is a powerful tool to give them and stops them being defeated by hard things.  It helps them develop courage and a can-do attitude and reduces fear and anxiety. This helps them feel calmer and more in control.

Activity: Think of a time when you were brave – what good things did it lead to and how did you feel? Tell someone your bravery story and remind yourself you can be brave whenever you need to. 

To live will be an awfully big adventure.– J. M Barrie, ‘Peter Pan’

It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” ― Jane Austen.

Fall 7 times stand up 8

The most effective way to do it is to do it. Amelia Earhart

I am bold and brave (affirmation)


I can do hard things (affirmation)

Social and emotional learning works best when it takes place each and every day not only when things go wrong. This little book helps you support your child’s emotional wellbeing every day just as you do their physical wellbeing.


365 days of calm is out now


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