easy DIY budget Spring wreath

Spring has most definitely sprung and I’m loving this beautiful weather we’re having. The spring colours we’re spotting on our family exercise hour have inspired me to make an easy DIY budget Spring wreath with the kids. Here’s how you can make one too.

What you’ll need:

You can use either a metal ring, a foam pool noodle, some willow twigs or polystyrene ring like I have for the base.  These are available from Amazon here and are available in a whole range of sizes. If you’re making a door wreath I recommend buying one which has a flat back to make it easier to hang.

Then you’ll need some wool. I got this beautiful ombre yarn from Aldi along with my essential groceries. They had lots of different colours and I wish I had bought more! It cost me about £3 or you can buy them online from Aldi in packs of 6 for about £20. (NB. I didn’t use the entire ball.)

I then planned to also add some pom-poms to decorate my wreath once complete. You can use cardboard rings to make them, or invest in some pom-pom makers. This is the kit I bought a few years ago and it still available. They’re brilliantly simple to use and perfect for crafting with kids.

First steps:

Begin to wrap your wool around the ring, keeping it tight. To help little ones out, you might want to tape the first part to the back of the ring. Otherwise, just wrap the next section over your first. You could even use a glue gun to be sure. You’ll want to go over your first layer perhaps a couple of times to give it a lush, thick feel. If you’re using am ombre wool, make sure you let the faded parts of the wool to lay on your top layer for the ombre effect to show. Keep going! It’s worth it but it will take time depending on the size of the ring.
easy diy budget spring wreath

Next step:

easy diy budget spring wreath

Next make your pom-poms. If you’re using a pom-pom maker, then flip two of the leavers up on one half, wrap your wool around it 3 or four times and cut the wool. Put these leavers down and flip the other side up and do the same. Once both sides are full, snip the wool down the middle following the line on both sides. Then cut a short length of wool and wrap it through this new gap and tie a knot, so tying both sides together.

Make as many pom-poms as you want in whichever colours you prefer. I love to see a range of sizes in different colours.

Piece it together:

Then using a glue gun if you have one (mine is from Aldi) although I don’t think they’re available any more so you could pick one up from Amazon here.

Alternatively, you could tie the pom-poms on with another piece of wool, use a pin straight into the polystyrene or just a dab of superglue would also do the trick.

Your wreath is complete!

These would make lovely gifts for friends or neighbours or you could add them to the children’s bedroom doors to added decoration.

For more ideas to keep the kids busy during lock-down click here.

easy diy budget sping wreath

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