diy wet wipesThis last week there was a call to ditch the 11,000,000,000 wet wipes polluting our environment each year. Those are the figures for England alone!

So I figured a great way to teach the boys about helping to save the planet was to involve them in making little changes that they understand affect them, starting with wet wipes.

With three kids under six year in the house, you can imagine the mess created. Especially this month as there’s been two birthdays plus fathers day – that’s a lot of chocolate cake covered faces!!

1. I spotted this pack of baby wash cloths in PoundLand (for a £1) and you get six in a pack.

2.  We picked out a small bamboo reusable container from the back of the cupboard to keep them in. If you don’t have something eco-friendly, you could always re-use a takeaway container so at least its getting a second life.

diy wet wipes

3. I folded them concertina style into the tub and let the boys pour cold water onto them.

4. Then I added a couple of drops of tea-tree oil to the water and let it sit overnight.

5. In the morning, just drain the water out so the wipes won’t be sopping and use as normal.

6. When you’re out and about, just use a swim wear bag like mine from PoundLand to store your dirty wet wipes in.

diy wet wipes

The boys seemed to understand that we were going to be throwing away less stuff and that helped there to be lots more fish in the sea.

So basically, I highly recommend involving the children in making changes around the house to be more environmentally friendly and use age-appropriate explanations to the impact those changes will wet wipes