homemade bath bombs We love bath bombs in our house but they are just far too expensive to be buying and using for every bath time! This week we were gifted a Bath Bomb Factory to try out making our very own bath bombs. The box suggests the kit is suitable for ages 6+. The instructions were super simple and the each part was easy to assemble. It was great to spot that there seemed to be loads of ingredients too so we could make way more than we needed and try out making extra for birthday and Christmas presents.

In the pack you also get some cute stickers to decorate your factory. These were lovely and easy for little fingers to figure out!

As you can see, you get loads of packets of the powder required to bath your bath bombs. This is really helpful if you want to make multi-coloured swirly patterned bath bombs. The only other ingredient you need is a very small amount of tap water, so nothing complex.

The short instructions tell you exactly how much of each powder you need to avoid any wastage. 

Add a bicarbonate of soda sachet to a citric acid sachet in the mixer. Add water and then stir to create a paste.

The bowl in the factory has a handy lid with handle so you can mix the powders easily without creating too much mess!

The factory also comes with little toys which you can bury in the middle of the bath bombs to be discovered during a fizzy bath. It also has some cute stars and sprinkles to embed in the top layer of the bath bomb for decoration.

Once the spherical mould is filled, there is a handle with the top of the sphere attached which you can use to compress the mixture and make the bath bomb shape.

homemade bath bomb

For less than £20 from Amazon I thought this was such good value! It was a really fun process and only needed half an hour to properly set (although we left it a few days to be completely sure.)

We had so much fun making lots of different coloured bath bombs with a variety of toys inside and sprinkle decorations. Such a nice thing to do together with the kids and wrap up for birthday presents afterwards or enjoy in a long soak in the tub instead!

Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Bath Bomb Factory and contains affiliate links.