It’s always a big moment when a child moves out of the house and into their first home. Whether they are moving into their first university accommodation or moving away for their first job, there are always going to be a lot of emotions. And as a parent, you know that a lot of your responsibilities are going to be making sure that they make the smart choices. However, it can be a fine line to walk so here are a few tips to help you out.

Try Not To Fix Everything

It can be so difficult as a parent when you want to give your child the freedom to make their own mistakes, but you want to step in to keep them from making the really big mistakes. There is never going to be a perfect balance, you are going to have to learn how to pick your battles. Try not to sweat the little things too much, such as asking them if they have enough cleaning supplies and if they are going to remember to wash their sheets often enough. However, when it comes to signing contracts, this is where you should offer some help. There is a lot of uncertainty and worry when it comes to interest rates and mortgages, so your experience could be crucial here. Remember that you may need to act as a guarantor. If this is the case, you are definitely entitled to have some input!


Get The Right Housewarming Gifts

Following on from the point above, finding the right housewarming gifts can be a bit of a tricky thing to nail. You don’t want to be too on the nose by giving them something that feels like a nag, such as a laundry basket (even if you know they really should have one!). But you want to make sure that you are giving them something that is meaningful, because this is a big moment even if they are acting like it isn’t. You don’t need to get them something huge, but a keepsake or a fun idea are worth their weight in gold. A great idea could be a framed family picture. You will know what their taste in picture frames is, and you can order custom picture frames online that they will love. Picture Frames Direct has over 25 years of experience in providing their customers with the perfect frames.


Give Them Space But Stay In Touch

Independence is such a huge part of moving out of your parents’ home, and you will remember how it felt to finally have your own space as a teenager or young adult. Your instinct as a parent will be to stay in constant contact to ensure that they are doing OK and that they have everything that they need, but you don’t want to smother them. The important thing to remember is that cutting off all contact is not the best way to go either. We have all read the stories about how the last couple of years have had a huge impact on the mental health of young people. Think about setting a date to go round for dinner or inviting them over for a Sunday lunch. Periodic check ins will let them know that you are still there for them without making them feel like they haven’t moved out at all.