Even when we don’t find ourselves in a lockdown/lift cycle throughout the school year, there’s always bits of school uniform you need to pick up outside of back-to-school season in September. And I know that not all children wear a school uniform. Personally, I love it just because it takes away that decision fatigue on a mid-week morning. I also appreciate that some schools are super strict about where you can buy their uniform from, having specialist shops you need to register with.


However, for those bits of generic uniform to just plug the gaps to get you through the next term, here’s some great places to pick up those items.


school uniform out of season

Matalan is brilliant for school uniform, not only affordable but loads of items aren’t in multipacks so you can literally get those odd items which you’re missing or have been stained with paint or slime. They have a great £5 and under collection.

What I like about Matalan is that they’re also great for the rest of the school paraphernalia, such as school bags and gorgeous water bottles like these.


Nutmeg at Morrisons is such great quality. I’ve had loads of pieces of uniform from here and they seem to have been the softest material and have washed really well. The colour in the sweatshirts are still really vibrant after millions of washes.

Something which I admire about Morrisons is that regardless of age, the prices don’t go up on the pieces of uniform. So whether your child is 3 or 13, you’ll pay the same price even though there is obviously lots more material in a paif of trousers for a teenager!

Morrisons also have free click and collect to make use of so you don’t have to drag the kids around the supermarket!

100 Day Guarantee

School uniform at Tesco  and from George at Asda both offer a 100 day guarantee claiming that their uniform is playground-proof. Just make sure you keep your receipt and at Tesco you can get a replacement item of uniform during that period or at Asda, you can get a replacement or refund!
Asda also has a schol uniform savings card.
You can top up your card automatically throughout the year and you’ll be ready for whatever your child needs. Something come up mid term? You can use the card anytime! This is such a great idea to spread the cost thoughout the year so you’re not having to pay for alllll the uiform, PE Kits and stationery at the same time on the run up to September back to school season. Depending on how much you have saved, Asda will even pay you a bonus, so makes uniform buying even more affordable.

Tu Clothing at Argos

Since the new partnership between Sainsburys and Argos, you can now order school uniform through the Argos website! What’s really special about this is that if you order before 2pm, you can get free NEXT DAY click and collect from your local Argos shop. This is great if your kid has had an overnight growth spurt which seems to always happen!! All children’s uniform starts at £3.50 so you’re not paying any extra for the convenience of free next day pick up.