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children safe on social mediaI’m so glad there wasn’t social media when I was growing up. Life really was much simpler! My friends and I wrote notes to each other in invisible ink. We thought that our parents couldn’t see what we were chatting about. Haha! Little did I know that all they had to do was hold the letter up to a light and the ink was as clear as day! I’m kind of glad though. Now I’m a parent I would want to know who my boys were chatting to. Growing up is so much more complex these days.

NCC Learning have developed a survey all about child online safety. They’d love for you to complete it. They want to develop a course all about how to protect your children safe on social media.

You can access the course with the below link and influence how we educate ourselves and empower parents with the knowledge and skills to look after their little ones in this online era.

*Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with NCC Learning.


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