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One! Ted is one year old already and I’m not sure what we’ve done with ourselves for the last year. Some days were just for surviving and others for thriving. Ah sounds cheesy and said just because it rhymed? Actually, I think it is true. The majority of days probably were just for getting through in one piece. Juggling a baby and a toddler has been tough, adding into that running my own business and a husband that works away a lot, plus Lola the dog… However we’ve made it to one and that is something to celebrate! To do just that HiPP Organic supplied Ted with his very own birthday stash of exclusive food pouches and instructions to allow Ted to take over all the decision making for the day… Here’s how we celebrated πŸ™‚


This morning Ted woke up to a very excited James who thought it was Christmas again but first Ted decided he wanted to share James’ banana. Fortunately I don’t think James noticed. He’s like Joey from Friends; James doesn’t share food!

teds birthday takeover


The birthday boy had a few presents to open in the morning with the “help” from James.

Teds birthday takeover


Ted decided on yesterday’s clothes for mummy (saves on the laundry I guess – thank you Ted haha!) and his new bear ears snood was a must to complete his own outfit!

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O N E Already? 😲 How is that possible?! But with five teeth 😬 a steely eye when he needs to defend his own toys from James πŸ˜‚ and the cutest singing voice 😍 we can confirm there’s no babies left in this house 🏠 I am outnumbered by tiny dictators πŸ™„ So today, for his birthday Ted decides on EVERYTHING πŸ™ˆ what we all wear, where we go and what we eat…it’s going to be interesting 🀣 As long as he wants us to eat his cake at some point then I’m cool 🍰 I suspect today will be messy with a lot of singing Old MacDonald had a farm at the top of our voices πŸ‘¨β€πŸŒΎ What has happened to my weekends πŸ˜… #onetoday #firstbirthday #teddybear #littleted #bearears #birthdayboy #nolongerababy #instatot #toddlerlife #totsofinstagram #happynow #thatsdarling #littlecutiepie #knittedbaby

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He’s only one today to we assumed Ted would want to do anything which involved being with family and eating – he’s a food machine! So we visited Humber Street Gallery in Hull where we’re welcome to take our own weaning food for the children.

Teds birthday takeover

Whilst we had brunch, Ted was allowed to pick which HiPP Organic food pouch he wanted to have for his lunch. He eats early and then naps over midday so the timing was perfect. He wouldn’t choose though so had a savoury pouch first and a sweet one for pudding. He absolutely inhaled both of them and considering there was my food in sight which he would normally reach out for, he wasn’t interested in that so he must have found his own pouches deliciously distracting!

I was also surprised that he enjoyed the parsnip, sweet potato and broccoli one cold. As we’re very much an out and about family, I’ve always tried to avoid relying on having to heat meals up for the boys if I can help it and it really has made my life easier. Cold parsnips though? I’m not sure I could have handled that but it was absolutely fine for Ted and he whined when the pouch was empty so was straight onto his dessert of apple, peach, blueberry and raspberry. Not one bit made it onto his jacket thankfully (impressive!) so I’m taking that as he enjoyed it enough not to waste a drop!

Teds birthday takeover

Teds birthday takeover


After food, we took a tour of the gallery to see an exhibition about the City of Culture volunteers. It was really interesting and the boys enjoyed the bold colours of the photographs and paint work. James even had a go on a virtual reality headset!

Teds birthday takeover

Teds birthday takeover

Ted loved seeing the walls covered in volunteer flatlays. He’s a total InstaTot! And still choosing to wear his bear ears! He’s so cute πŸ™‚

Teds birthday takeover


After our outing, tired and with full up tummies, we returned home for naps and it was time to prepare the cake. I never thought I would be happy having my little ones eat cake. But they both eat a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and veg thanks to the pureed sweet and savoury pouches from HiPP Organic which also make my life easier so I don’t mind if they have the occasional treat.

Teds birthday takeover


As you can imagine there were lots of people who wanted to come and see Ted on his first birthday so we opened the doors to everyone once nap time was over. And so the next phase of wrapping paper being strewn everywhere began…

Teds birthday takeover


After singing Happy Birthday (for a second time as my phone didn’t film the first attempt) we ate a little cake before having tea. According to Ted, you can have cake whenever you want on your birthday a.k.a scream on seeing it and start swiping arms about until gets it!


I thought Ted wouldn’t want tea at his usual time due to all the cake (!) but he does love his food and recognised the pouches in his special food crate so made his way towards them. I suspect it was the colourful cartoon HiPP Buddies on the front and the bright screw tops which appealed to him.

It was clear that it was time for his next meal and he liked the look of a pouch containing squash. We weren’t quite set up for tea so he had this without any cutlery and squeezed it straight in. He even helped a little with this too. Although he does now have teeth, there’s only five of them and this can make me anxious whilst he tries new foods with thicker and lumpier textures. However he found this HiPP Organic pouch no bother!

Teds birthday takeover

Ted, once you read this when you’re older, I want you to know how proud I am of you for being so resilient and adapting to things I need to do just to get through the day, like occasionally just squeezing a food pouch into your mouth! We really did have a lovely day as a family and you and James slept THE BEST that night and we are so very grateful. Here’s to the next year of family adventures, good food and sleeping in x

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