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Hipp Organic Baby FoodI am very excited to announce that Little Ted (his current official name!) has been invited to be a part of the HiPPSquad! As a weaning baby we’re taking the first steps in exploring new tastes and textures. In addition to that we’re also checking that at each stage, Ted isn’t allergic to anything. That’s why slow and steady weaning works so well as you can log what’s been tried and tested and any reaction it has caused. None hopefully of course!

Our first mission, should we wish to accept it…

HiPP Organic sent us a beautiful hamper with lots of lovely jars of HiPP Organic baby food. There were a range of flavours to sample including their new range of “pure vegetable” jars. These are perfect for stage 1 weaning as you can tell exactly what your baby enjoys. We also received some handy baby spoons a colourful mat to go beneath Ted’s high chair to collect any debris.

Hipp Organic Baby Food

What ThriftyMum thought…

Personally I wanted to taste Hipp Organic baby food before Ted. Think its a mother’s instinct to test anything that’s going to be given to our babies. I was excited too as I’d never even tried some of the vegetables that I was about to give Ted! I’ve never even see white carrots in the shops, in fact I’m not sure I knew they existed (I know that sounds bad!!) I can report that it was delicious and so smooth, I wasn’t worried about Ted struggling with any lumps which would inevitably appear in any home made food attempt from me, even if I did have the time!

Hipp Organic Baby Food

What Ted thought…

I think Ted isn’t going to be called Little Ted for much longer. Ted devoured each jar with gusto!! He wolfed all the different flavours down without coming up for air and kept reaching out for more once the jar was empty. He even made lovely “Mmmm” noises whilst eating which we’ve not had from him until now. On a weekend away, Rich fed Ted all his jars instead of cooking for him. It made his life so much easier!

How to try HiPP Organic for free or discounted

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HiPP Organic Baby Food

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