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half birthdayMy little Teddy Bear has turned six months already and we decided to celebrate his half birthday with the help of Babaease food for babies (not baby food).

Weaning James was not the pleasurable experience I was promised by everyone.

Other mums, health visitors, the forumites on MumsNet, all described the “fun with food”. There would apparently be “exciting new tastes”, “discovering new textures”, trying “exotic ingredient combinations” all to ensure that my little one didn’t grow up to be a fussy eater. To me this all sounded like extra stress to my day. Extra planning, shopping, expense, preparing and chopping. The thought of so much mess from the ‘Baby-led weaning’ method filled me with horror but so did all the batch cooking and freezing of purees. In the end, after trying a combination of this, I settled on jars. Mostly because I landed a great reduced haul of yellow stickered jars from the local Boots whilst a line was being discontinued.

The memory of the stress of weaning James last year has filled me with dread for weaning Ted but the time has come.

Six month have passed and now it’s goodbye to my little baby. Goodbye to the baby bath sling, we’ve given up sterilising and the carrycot has been sold too. Yesterday I bagged up lots of new baby bits and pieces for the neighbours who are expecting their first grandchild. We were gifted so much stuff when we were expecting the boys so this only feels right to pay it forward. Plus less clutter in my house is a bonus.

half birthday

We celebrated Ted turning six months with a trip out for tea.

I have decided to shun what I feel I “should” be doing when it comes to weaning. I’m giving myself a break! Heaven knows I need it. Did I mention I have two under two, my own business and a husband that works away most of the time! Off we went to the restaurant and that’s when we decided to give the food pouches from Babaease a go.

half birthday

We actually had a stress-free meal out!

By taking a food pouch with us, we were free to feed wherever we ended up eating, even if this was outside. The pouches have made our experience of a first meal for Ted such a breeze.

And it’s all healthy, organic good stuff inside 🙂

half birthday

The combinations of food really are brilliant. My cooking will never get to this standard. Especially in time for feeding Ted his first meals. I’ve never bought lentils in my life until now!
half birthdayBabaease vegetable-based recipes are created by a chef and nutritionists using the best quality, locally sourced ingredients. They say every ingredient is used for a reason: to be nutritious, and to get those taste buds tingling and palates broadened.

Suffice to say Ted is a huge fan of Babaease!

He wolfed an entire pouch down for his first meal. He’s actually had one every day since his half birthday. Each day there has been less and less mess which I see as a big success for me. An equally big thumbs up goes to the clever cooks at Babaease.

Where to shop for Babaease…

Babaease food for babies is available from Tesco. It’s also available from Boots, Ocado, As Nature Intended, Booths and Daylesford Organic Farm in Gloucestershire.

You can even buy Babaease food pouches for babies from Amazon. Just click here to take a look at the pantry offers!



*Disclosure – this post was written in collaboration with Babaease and contains affiliate links.


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