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hiPP Organic jars stage 2 weaning

I’m very pleased to share with you the progress Ted is making on his weaning journey. We have been sent a selection of HiPP Organic’s new savoury jars to try out and they’re perfect for Ted’s feeding abilities with his one lonely tooth! In fact these jars are suitable for stages two and three of weaning.

So what’s the difference between stage 1 and 2 of weaning?

There are a few key differences for this next stage now that we’re progressing with weaning.

  • The jars are larger to fulfill Ted’s increasing (and some days insatiable) appetite.
  • The jars have more complex flavour combinations. This works now as we know so far he’s not presented any allergic reactions to individual foods during stage 1 of weaning.
  • There are new ingredients introduced to increase texture. The jars include noodles and pasta stars for example.

What did Ted think to the jars?

Ted loved the eye-catching labelling which is bright and colourful. In fact I think he would have been happy to just play with the jars. However, because he can see the food inside of them, he knew better than to be fooled into thinking they were toys. He just wanted to dig in with his spoon!

hipp organic jars stage 2 weaning

What did Ted think of the new textures?

Ted didn’t seem fazed by the introduction to new textures at all. Even though he only has one tooth, the jars with added texture were easily manageable for his gummy mouth so there was no concern from me over choking.

What did Ted think to the new tastes?

Interestingly Ted showed preference for the orange coloured jars so Hearty Cottage Pie, Lancashire Hotpot, Pasta Italienne with Ham and Star Pasta with Butternut Squash and Chicken. His ultimate favourite though was Vegetables with Noodles and Chicken. He wolfed that one down, practically inhaling the jar! 

Ted was unsure about the Green Vegetables with CousCous and Turkey. The texture of this one was quite thick and I’d served it at room temperature as we were out so next time I’ll check if warming that one up might help him.

What does mum think?

I’m still really happy using HiPP Organic jars for weaning. Ted is happy trying out all the new flavours. Plus the jars are easily labelled up so I know when to progress to the next stage for his age. He’s 10 months now and will be having snacks too during the day. Having the jars though keep meal times easier when we already have James who is 2 years to supervise at the dinner table too. HiPP Organic kindly sent us this beautiful crate for Ted’s jars and it has allowed him to see what jars there are and pick out what he wants. I love that we’re empowering him to make choices and express his preferences as he develops.

hiPP Organic jars stage 2 weaning

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