Desperately need to redo your home or a room, but still want to be thrifty doing it? Check out these easy ways to save money:


  1. Change the curtains: an effortless way to reinvent a room; just change the curtains! If you’re nifty with a sewing machine, or you know someone who is, get fabric instead and make your own. You could also get some cheap floaty fabric to make your room look whimsical and Instagram-worthy. 


  1. Get the carpet cleaned: a professional carpet cleaner might cost a bit, but it’ll certainly cost less than redoing an entire room, and if you’re hiring one, you get to do the whole house. Carpets that look like new will change your whole house, and you won’t believe the difference it’ll make, especially if you have kids or pets.


  1. Get a reasonable price on renovations or extensions: if you need to do some heavy-duty work on your home, don’t despair. There are still ways to save money and get the best contractors. Chat to a few Residential Architects and snap up a bargain.


  1. The kitchen: does it still look like new? Well, then make it last longer by changing your dinnerware and tea towels instead of the kitchen itself. Or even just replace your worktops and not the actual units. A cheap but sturdy blind will add a splash of colour and make your kitchen feel much cosier.


  1. Bedding: precisely like changing the curtains, switching up your bedding will make your space feel new and different. You don’t even have to change the curtains to match – shop around for the best bedding that matches the curtains you already have.


  1. Sales: it’s always worth waiting until the big sales to shop for home furnishings. The January sales are best – you can use your Christmas money and gift cards. But if you need to buy outside of the sale season, keep an eye on your favourite stores and wait until they have sales on. 


  1. Move existing furniture: simply moving what you already have into a new layout changes the room. And the best part is, you can redo the entire house like this! It’s also completely free; you might just need a friend or two to help you out. 


  1. Cushions: swap your cushions, whether they’re on the bed or the sofa, and make your whole settee look brand new! 


  1. Swap your stuff: you can swap your unwanted things with friends (have a swap party at someone’s house), or find a local swap event near you. There are also sites like Freecycle or the local section on Facebook that will let you swap or sell your stuff.


  1. Sell your stuff: have a jumble sale and get some pocket money to buy that new pair of curtains you want. You’ll sell off all the clutter and make your home feel fresher into the bargain.


With these quick tips, you can have the home of your dreams for less!