House hunting is so exciting and fun that endless television shows are based on looking at properties.  It’s easy to get swept up in this fun and forget to look at what could save and make you money in the long run.  These qualities will ensure that you buy a home you find good-looking and a place that will gain value.

Unique and Fun Details

Because of the big boom of ‘cookie cutter’ homes, many home buyers are looking for properties with a unique flair.  Instead of going for a plain home that looks like everything else on the street, look for something that stands you.


If you’ve already purchased a home and it looks like nearly everything else, it’s not too late!  You can dress up a house to look unique.  Pay attention to what colors are allowed, ask your HOA if you’re not sure, and push the envelope a little.  You can also make the home unique through decor by either making it fun and vintage or leaning into details nobody else has tried on your street.


Updated Heating And Cooling

If your home is older, you must look at whether the heating and cooling are updated or not.  Updating your heating and cooling system can cost between three and twelve thousand dollars, so finding a home that already has it updated will save you money and the pain of having to edit it later.


If you find Ottawa homes for sale that don’t have central air yet but are cheap enough that it’s worth paying for: go for it!  Don’t be afraid of a cost down the road if you can save money on your monthly mortgage payments.  


A Good Basement or Attic

Although not every city in the country is set up for basements, attics can make up for the lost space.  Basements and attics give you room for storage, an area to update and convert into an extra room or two, and a higher footage count.


If you live in an area with the water table too high, and you don’t have a basement, but your attic isn’t finished: you’ll need to do a little work.  Drywall will make it look finished, try to figure out a way to get heating and cooling up to it because all attics get hot, and pay attention to the flooring.  The ceiling may be lower here, so this could work for a kids’ space or for an office where you’ll be sitting most of the time.


Finishing it into an extra room can add twenty thousand dollars to your home’s value.


Although these three considerations will help you make money in the long run, you should also think about what makes sense for you!  If you want a cookie-cutter home or don’t care for attics or basements, you don’t have to follow through with these.  Pick a home you love and take care of it and update it with time; you can ensure it gains value anyway.