Have you noticed that summer is finally approaching? It is time to start preparing for the next tour that your travel agency should plan to Greece. Yes, Greece because it is the perfect destination for summer holidays as it is in many people’s travel bucket list. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Greece is famous for its sunny weather and its majestic islands.

Just the beauty of the country is not enough to make people want to participate in your tour. You will have to create an awesome travel plan in order to draw people in. How are you going to do that? You will find four useful tips below.

Tip 1: Get an experienced tour operator

Greece might be a small country but it has a lot to offer. In order to be able to distinguish which places, historical sites and entertainment venues match with the preferences and needs of a particular group or the objectives of the particular tour, you will need an experienced tour operator. For example, if you are planning on creating an extravagant and sumptuous holiday, then you will absolutely need the luxury tour services in Greece by Travelway Europe in order to include the ‘right’ places in your overall itinerary.

Tip 2: Know the price range

This might sound like a given but you need to know the budget of a travel group in order to be able to come up with a travel plan that will make them happy. Although the internet is a handy tool as you can find the prices at items in restaurants and coffee shops, again a tour operator will know which are the less touristy and more economical – but not less beautiful or less safe – or the more affluent neighbourhoods in the area and take their group to the appropriate place.

Tip 3: Listen to your group

Besides the budget, there are more things that you should take into account when planning a tour. Of course, if you’re making a generic plan, you’ll include the most quintessential and popular activities and attractions. However, you should ask and discuss with the people who are interested in going on your tour about their interests, disabilities or restrictions. For example, if there is a vegetarian in the group, you should ensure that all the restaurants and taverns you recommend have vegetarian options.

Tip 4: Show different sides of the country

As it was mentioned in the beginning, Greece has the reputation of a country where parties are held every night and things go crazy. This is true. But this is not all Greece has to offer. It will make a great impression to your group of travellers if you show them many different aspects of the country. For instance, one night you can take them to a tavern and the other at a nightclub; one day you can go swimming and the other hiking. The possibilities are endless.