London is a place where people from all over the world either want to visit or they keep going back to again and again. Besides the fact that it exerts great influence when it comes to political, cultural or business issues, it is a place where people know that they are going to have fun. This is because there are so many entertainment venues that there is something for everyone even for people with less widely known interests.

Thus, if you want to experience or learn about unique entertainment-related ventures in London, you’ve clicked on the perfect article. Below you will see four business services that are super popular in London.

  1. Play Crazy Golf

We take it for granted that you’ve heard about golf. This sport has been associated with elitist and snobbish notions. Things are a lot different when it comes to crazy golf, a game that has been inspired by golf but it is much more fun and simple. It is such an affordable and fun sport that it has been a great hit in the entertainment business in London from the first year that it appeared. Even owners of a small property are more than happy to go on and learn how they can transform it into a fun course that will keep players interested.

  1. Skuna Hot Tub

A new touristy activity that has taken London by storm is Skuna Hot Tub. What is that? A group of up to seven adults books a boat and sails around London. The boat is electric and it is easy to drive, meaning that no sailing experience or knowledge is needed. What makes this activity so special? The boat is a hot tub! Even if it is freezing outside, you can have the time of your life while enjoying the wintery landscape with your friends.

  1. Escape rooms

Another entertainment option that has been very popular mostly with young adults is escape rooms. People get to become characters in gripping stories. They are locked in a room, and they have to find a way to get out, based on the clues around them, before their time is up. This is the perfect activity to do with your group of friends as you cannot do it alone; a team of at least four people needs to be formed in order to book a room. It should be noted that you have to be careful about the nature of the story you are about to enact as there are some horror stories that feel so realistic that are not for everyone.

  1. Blind Date with a Book

A recent favourite venture for bookworms around the world, including London of course, is going on a blind date with a book. How do they do that? Booksellers wrap books so that their title and author is hidden. They only let customers read a general description of the book which they have written at the front of the wrapping paper. People can buy the book with the plot that seems closer to their reading interests.