You are home more now than before, even with the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel pandemic-wise. You have surely noticed how much time you spend in front of the TV or your screen of choice. Try not to feel guilty about it. While you are enjoying the latest shows or catching up on current events, take the opportunity to do more things for yourself.

First, you will need to find the best streaming device for your needs and lifestyle. Once you have done that, take steps to install a VPN for anonymity and data security. With lists like this one, you will ensure that your every click and channel selection are not tracked. Everyone will have a different setup, experience, and preference when it comes to choosing a streaming device. Taking this simple action will safeguard your data from being tracked and used for future marketing purposes.


Making Meals

Stream an inspiring baking or cooking show while you plan and make your meals. This can be a wonderful way to stave off boredom, as well, if you are doing more mundane tasks like meal preparation or making beans on toast for the second night this week. The shows can spark creativity or simply entertain. Either way, having a quality streaming device will make it all more enjoyable.


Manage Your Finances

While relaxing in front of a great show or movie, take the time to update your finances. Add Financial Management to your schedule and make it a weekly or monthly event based on your style and needs. Try out a new money managing system if you feel a refresh or new approach is in order. If tackling your finances seems overwhelming, do this only during the show so that there is an end time for your efforts. Strive to make this process enjoyable instead of a chore for maximum productivity.


Keep Your Body Moving

Sitting in front of the television binging the latest rom-com does not have to leave you feeling guilty from your stationary endeavours. If you have exercise equipment, reconfigure your space to allow yourself to exercise while watching some heart-pumping shows. You can invest in a yoga mat to watch a streaming yoga class from the comfort of your own home. Or practice some basic exercise moves utilizing your couch. Keeping your body moving during commercials or while watching the whole show will reap health benefits over time and entertain you along the way.


Spend Time With Loved Ones

Another great way to “be productive” is to just be in the moment. Have a relaxing and joy-filled Family/Friend Fun Night. Pop some popcorn and grab your favourite movie snacks. Gather your loved ones together and watch an age-appropriate whodunit or adventure movie streaming from your preferred streaming device. Savour in the warmth of those whom you enjoy spending time with. Sometimes, scheduling family time is just as fun as spontaneous activities. However it all comes together, time well spent with your favourite people will always make beautiful memories.


Try not to let the joys and convenience of streaming devices get in the way of your ability to accomplish necessary tasks. However, at the end of the day make sure that you do take time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some entertainment. After all, you have earned it.