The spread of the coronavirus has prompted political leaders worldwide to put their countries under lockdown. With this policy, borders are closed, business operations are halted, and citizens are required to stay at home. Putting this policy in place is an attempt to keep citizens safe from the virus, but over time, can cause unproductivity and loss of income.  

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Being on lockdown is a great challenge, but you can still make the most out of the situation by making money. Even if you’re stuck at home, you can still choose from and take on different earning opportunities. If you have the time and skills, you can even select more than one stint at a time so that you can earn more money.  

Here are five fun ways for you to make money during lockdown: 

  • Earn From Apps 

Seeing people glued to their screens is no longer new. As a matter of fact, people stuck at home will rely on their gadgets almost every day to keep boredom at bay. If you’re already doing the same, then earning money from apps is a great option for you.  

You can now download some of the best money-making apps and earn rewards in gift or cash by watching videos, taking surveys, and shopping online. Some apps will even pay you to read emails, play games, and view ads.  

The money you’ll earn from these apps won’t replace your full-time income, but being paid a few dollars as you’re using your device is a good way to have fun during lockdown.  

  • Write Online 

Businesses are now using content to build a strong online presence and attract customers. It’s common for customers to research on a brand before buying, which is why businesses use written content to ensure that their products and services are properly highlighted.  

If you have the passion for writing, consider working as a freelance writer during lockdown. Aside from earning money, working as a freelance writer also gives you the opportunity to pick the type and number of projects to work on. You can even pick the clients who you work with.  

There are many websites that allow you to pick projects and clients. As you’re starting your journey as a freelance writer, it’s best if you utilize online platforms so that you can start earning right away.  

  • Work As A Virtual Assistant 

Because entrepreneurs are choosing to operate online today, the demand for virtual assistants has significantly increased. Running a business online isn’t easy, and entrepreneurs would need someone who can accomplish administrative tasks for them.  

Another way for you to make money during lockdown is by working as a virtual assistant. This role will often require you to respond to phone calls and emails, schedule meetings, and book travel accommodation. This task can be fun as you get to experience working with a boss as if you’re in an office.  

Some of the most important skills every virtual assistant should have are reliability, communication skills, time management, and resourcefulness. If you’re confident that you’re equipped with these skills, you won’t have any problems landing your first VA job!  

  • Declutter Your Home 

Before the lockdown, adults were usually always on the go and no longer had the time to thoroughly clean their homes. This is one of the reasons some would be surprised to find that they’ve been keeping unused items or ones that only collect dust in their homes.  

Because the lockdown required you to stay at home, maximize this time to declutter and make money from unused or outdated items. If you’ve been keeping clothes that are out of season or extra pieces of furniture, opt to sell them to make money. You can post these items online to reach more buyers or hold a garage sale in your neighborhood while maintaining social distancing.  

Decluttering your home is one of the best ways to earn money during lockdown as this also allows you to thoroughly clean your home and enjoy more floor space.  

  • Become A Dog Walker 

Being a dog owner is an important responsibility as one has to exert effort to ensure that his pets remain happy and healthy all the time. However, for pet owners who work full-time or usually have last-minute appointments, fulfilling this responsibility will require help.  

If you’re an animal lover, becoming a dog walker during lockdown can be appropriate for you. As the name suggests, this job will require you to take dogs for walks in exchange for cash. Depending on the need of the dog or the preferences of the owner, you might have to walk dogs once or twice a day. 

Becoming a pet walker is a fun way to earn, but check the restrictions in your area before heading out. Some states allow people to go out for walks and hikes, as long as they don’t form crowds.


Make Careful Decisions 

When choosing how to make money during lockdown, consider your interests and passions. Ideally, you should pick opportunities that allow you to do what you like or want so that you’ll have the motivation to continue working even if you’ll be staying at home for weeks or months.