family holiday for lessIt’s safe to say a family holiday has definite potential to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be, though – there are plenty of tried-and-tested methods to keep you from overspending. Here are just five of them.


Choose your accommodation wisely


Sometimes, hotels really can set you back. If you’re opting to stay in a five-star, all-inclusive resort, you could be forking out thousands for it. Think realistically about just how much time you’re planning on spending in the hotel itself compared to getting out and exploring your destination – is it worth it?


Have a shop around and see if you can score a hotel for less. You may have to sacrifice some luxuries, but all you essentially need is a clean and comfortable room to sleep in. Most hotels have a pool for the kids to have a splash around in, but if not, the sea likely isn’t far away. Consider the destinations best suited to different ages, too – if you’re travelling with toddlers, resorts in Europe with plenty of entertainment are best.

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Have a daily budget


Be sure to establish a daily budget for yourself – if you’re not accounting for the many different things you need to spend your money on, you may find yourselves out of pocket before your trip has come to an end. A daily budget will help you map out just where your money is going, and how much you can realistically spend.


Make sure you’re allocating enough to the necessities such as accommodation and transport, whilst also ensuring some money for fun activities, too. And, of course, watch out for any unexpected fees that may arise – make sure you’re leaving some money spare just in case. Goats on the Road have published a guide to their own daily budgets to give you a hint as to how to do it yourself.


Avoid any potential scams


Too often are many travellers left compromised by scammers and opportunists who take advantage to try and get more money from you. Stay vigilant and aware at all times in order to avoid any possibility of being left out of pocket unknowingly.


Should you be visiting a marketplace, make sure you’re prepared to haggle – many vendors can easily spot a tourist from miles away, and will effectively hike their prices up. Don’t leave exchanging your money until you’re abroad, either, as money exchanges are simply too risky to trust in some locations.


Walk to save money


Skip the taxis and the buses, and forget hiring a car. For many families, there’s simply no need – especially when you’re in such a busy and built-up resort with plenty to do. If you’re planning on long excursions it’s a different story, but for everything else, simply choose to walk.


Walking will obviously save you money – especially when taxi drivers in some popular tourist destinations charge extortionate amounts – but an added bonus is the fitness aspect of it. Get those legs going and you’ll be burning fat and staying in shape without even realising it.

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Eat the street food


Don’t feel the need to have a sit-down meal every time you eat. More often than not, the street food is the best choice – not only for how affordable it is, but for how delectable it is also. Wherever you are in the world, consider skipping the usual restaurants for a dish from a stall instead. Your wallet and your family will thank you for it.


Do you have any more tips for saving money on holiday? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.