While the UK is embracing what we hope will be the last lockdown, it’s fair to say that most of us worry about losing control. Did 2020 really happen? Mentally, we’re still waiting for 2020 to deliver everything it promised. Self-isolation, social distancing and covid restrictions have contributed to a sensation of being in limbo. We had plans for the new year, but March 2020 forced us to give up on our aspirations and dreams. It’s been almost 12 months now, and yet, most people still behave as if they were waiting for a miracle solution. Life as we knew it isn’t coming back to normal anytime soon in 2021. But, on the plus side of things, the UK has already been rolling out covid-19 vaccines, so we can hope for a brighter future in 2022. 

But in the meantime, we need to take back control of our lives! It makes no sense to postpone important changes in your life even under lockdown. Ultimately, if you’re going to make 2021 a positive year, it’s time to figure out how to make it count. Can you sort out tackle some of the most daunting challenges from home? The answer is yes, you can, and here’s how: 


#1. Apply for a new job

Did you know that remote workers tend to work longer hours? A lot of British professionals have worked overtime during the pandemic. Unfortunately, the home office environment makes it hard to create a healthy work/life balance. As a result, people can work up to 3 hours longer every day! Needless to say, if you were not satisfied with your job before the pandemic, chances are that you’re truly sick of it by now! There’s no need to endure it any longer. The digital workplace makes it easier for employees to apply for a new job online. Indeed, you can update your profile easily. More importantly, online interviews can be scheduled seamlessly throughout your workday, so there’s no need for a suspicious half-day off! 

#2. Change banks

Most banks have developed their digital services to respond to pandemic challenges. However, physical banks can struggle to create a reliable and manageable online-only environment. Besides, a lot of physical banking institutions have additional account fees. When a large part of the working population is on furlough or unemployed, these fees could be too much to bear. Switching to digital banking can be a game-changer during the pandemic. Indeed, banks that are experienced with the digital environment can provide a reliable, intuitive, and user-friendly platform. You can keep track of your budget in one glance, and reduce expenses easily. Besides, without management fees, you can feel in charge of your finances. 

#3. Sort out your will

Nobody wants to talk about it. But the truth is that we’re all worried about what tomorrow could bring. As such, it would be foolish not to take preventive measures to protect your family. Fingers crossed, you will never need them. Yet, if anything happens, your family is safe. It’s no surprise that solicitors online have recorded a surge in interest in wills and probate during the pandemic. For a lot of people, planning for the future can be a source of comfort. 

#4. Improve your health

Are you suffering from lockdown lethargy? You’re not on your own. The lockdown periods in 2020 have been hard for our mental health. If you’ve been waiting for the safe return of gyms to shred the lockdown weight gain, you could find yourself stuck at home for a long time. Staying fit during lockdown is not easy, especially without guidance. Hiring a virtual personal trainer comes at a high cost. But some cost-effective and motivation solutions can help boost your health. Ultimately, building up strength and endurance is crucial to your immune system, which means it’s a great way of keeping most health worries at bay. Have you considered signing up to the bodycoach app, sponsored and created by Britain’s favourite PE, Joe Wick? The app is also available as a digital programme, depending on your smartphone. It’s a source of nutritional and physical information that’s not only affordable but also actionable. Getting healthy at home is not an opportunity you want to miss. 

#5. Create your online presence

Whether you’re considering moving your career forward asking for a promotion, or simply getting involved in interesting professional projects, building your digital presence is a cost-effective strategy to promote yourself. Most of us think of LinkedIn profiles and social media channels to boost our professional outreach. However, starting a blog can completely transform your credibility on the market. Recruiters and employers are keen to hire experts, which is why a blog can bring your CV on top of the pile. It offers unique visibility and a platform where you can discuss your professional know-how and provide tips. 

#6. Declutter

A tidy home makes a tidy mind. Mental clarity can get especially tricky with the heightened emotional state of lockdown. Yet, mental clarity is indispensable to your day-today decisions. When you’re stressed out, for instance, you become more likely to make impulse purchases. What makes lockdown hard to navigate financially is that it creates an adverse environment for frugal and cost-effective living. Help your mind relax by tidying up your interior. Decluttering is no waste of time! You can even make some money by selling some of your unwanted items on eBay! 

#7. Find your headspace

Is your head filled with worries and unrelated thoughts? The pandemic is a new situation that is bound to create stress. It’s hard to stay centred and focused when the news reminds us of the death toll around the world. But, you can help your mind relax and escape cabin fever syndrome with meditative exercises. Headspace, for instance, is a great application to practice letting go of your negative thoughts. As you learn to cope better with lockdown, you also build up mental strength and stability. Meditating builds mental anchors, which are indispensable to think clearly and take back control. 

We may be stuck at home until March (or later), but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve anything. On the contrary, you can seize the opportunity to regain mental clarity and tackle pandemic burdens. From switching jobs to finding new ways of managing your finances, the only way we’re going to make 2021 a bright year is by fixing the mishaps of 2020!