Nearly every adult, and some kids, enjoy a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning – or two, whether they brew it at home or run to the nearest coffee shop for the select latte of the day. The jolt of caffeine gets the heart pumping, maybe a little too fast, and brings the alertness most need to progress through a hectic day.

For some, drinking coffee is more than a mere habit; it is a mandatory part of their lifestyle. With these individuals, you will likely find an official Starbucks coffee mug

or perhaps many. Of course, they must have one each time a new one comes out. But how does the beverage fit in with the trend towards healthful nutrition? Aren’t smoothies and green health juices replacing what was once the favorite? You would be surprised.


Coffees Not Just For Breakfast Anymore


Ultimately, people consume coffee as an accompaniment for breakfast, sometimes instead of eating an actual meal. More are even enjoying the beverage at different times throughout the day and into the evening time with little worry about the potential effects.


While the focus in today’s world is wellness and self-care, including healthy nutrition like vegetable juices and freshly blended smoothies, no one seems to be using these in place of their go-to mug of caffeinated goodness. But how does the drink fair for your overall health? Would you believe it genuinely has some significant benefits? Grab your mug and listen up.


  • Burn Fat While Your Sip: While you could use your morning hours to work out at the gym for an hour and a half on the treadmill to the point of exhaustion while attempting to burn fat, you have a better option.


Take a leisurely 30-minute walk outside in nature listening to the birds and stop in for a cup of Joe at your favorite café. Sipping the substance boosts metabolism encouraging the body to burn fat. The increase in fat burning is as much as 25%.


  • Stubborn Cellulite Might Meet Its Match: The beverage has properties boasting as enhancing the skin’s glow and overall wellness, including assisting with cellulite’s appearance through dehydration of the body’s fat cells leading to smoothness.


Skincare products are available with caffeine in the ingredients, but for those who would rather drink their caffeine, your skin will be all the better for it.


  • Fewer Trips To The Doctor: Claims suggest grabbing a mug or two of your favorite brew, even more, will keep some pretty severe diseases away. These can include dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, depression, and diabetes (Type II).


With each cup, the risk lessens by significant percentages for each ailment. So, the more you can intake, the more likely you will be safe. Coffee enthusiasts I know will have no issue with drinking more, that is for sure. Read how a warm mug equates to benefits.


  • Your Liver Will Thank You: The liver likes those who enjoy coffee because the substance can prevent liver disease like fibrosis, cancer, or even damage induced by alcohol abuse.


Again, as with other ailments, you need to enjoy quite a few mugs because those who drink the beverage frequently, maybe not only with breakfast, can spare the liver risks.

Caffeine might not necessarily agree with everyone’s system in large doses. Before you decide to intake great quantities to prevent disease, it’s wise to speak with your primary doctor to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your body.


Final Thought


Whether you like coffee or not, everyone has that one special mug that belongs to you, that no one is allowed to touch, and that you always need to know where it is. You might drink hot chocolate or maybe tea, perhaps even milk, but it goes in your personal mug. Find out why we’re emotionally attached to our favorite cups at


In many cases, these are gifts from someone who had it customized for you or is something you purchased from your favorite café to remind you of your experiences there. With each one, there is a unique story, an attachment. Everyone sees you in this mug, and one day the sight of this dish will remind a generation of your story.