There is an ocean of incredible games on consoles like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and especially the Nintendo Switch, which are perfect to help you unwind and keep a healthy mind. But, the only problem is that these consoles have rather expensive start-up costs, often exceeding £200, with many of the top games costing around £50 at launch and taking a long time to play even the smallest parts.

So, here, we’re going to look at games for mobiles and laptops because, chances are, you already have one if not both of these for your day-to-day life. These games fit nicely into a set budget and provide doses of fun whenever you find yourself able to relax and unwind.

Tipping Point

While many mobile games are free to play and very popular, they often incur wait-time strategies to encourage micro-pays. So, these games won’t always be ready for you when you find yourself with a spare moment to have some fun. Luckily, there are some cheap mobile apps which offer limitless, easy, and fun game mechanics for a one-off price. Tipping Point is one such example which has found its place in the top five paid game apps, as seen here:

Based on the hit ITV quiz show, Tipping Point has you answer questions and putting tokens into a big penny pusher to then see how much you’ve won. Based on the classic arcade games but with a quiz element, you can complete a round of Tipping Point fairly quickly while getting a nice dose of thrill and nostalgia from watching the tokens drop.

Rainbow Jackpots

Much like Tipping Point, Rainbow Jackpots takes the form of a classic arcade game with its classic design and gameplay, but with more exciting and colourful features to bring it into the modern era. Played on five reels with 20 win lines, this game at lucky leprechauns, mega free spins, and even a beer bonus to give players a full dose of Irish luck.

This game is suited to those who want to relax on a game while on a budget because all rewards are paid as a multiple of your stake, with the jackpot being 1000x your stake. As you can change your stake to just 10p per spin, you can enjoy many spins and possibly the fun features with a smaller gaming budget. As each spin is entirely random, there’s a chance to land a top combination every time. The images and animations are enjoyable, but getting a win makes the game even better.

Card City Nights

This is one of the very unique mobile app games that could host a huge range of in-app-purchase and micro-pays, but doesn’t according to the developers are content with players just paying the low upfront price of the game.

Card City Nights is an adventure game centred around a trading card game in which you collect cards, build your deck, and battle your way through the storyline to reach its conclusion. You can easily dip in and out of this game, doing a quick battle here and opening a pack there, with the fun and easy to follow story meaning that you’ll enjoy every moment spent in the game’s world.

With these quick and easy games ready to go, you can fill even your most fleeting moments of relaxation with some enjoyable gaming.